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Dave, Chapter 10: The Difference Between Trust Planning and Litigation

Dave, Emily, and their young daughter visit their attorney seeking advice on planning their estate and learn the importance of hiring an estate planner.

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New Year’s Resolution: starting the year off right by checking your auto insurance policy

Start 2018 by reviewing your auto insurance coverage to ensure that you and your loved ones will be provided for in an accident.

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Should you decline the auto insurance when renting a car?

If you have ever rented a car, you’ve undoubtedly had that moment of confusion, uncertainty, and maybe even panic, when you came to the question of whether or not you should pay for the optional insurance. Often when we are renting a car we are in a distressed state to begin with: we’ve just stepped [...]

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Chris, Chapter 9: The Thief Gets Arrested

Chris is informed that the attacker was arrested for trying to sell the ring he stole from Angie, and his fingerprints match those left at the scene. Chris hopes for justice.

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