Once again, the dangers of driving under the influence can have significant effects on innocent drivers.  More and more these days we see the dangers of driving under the influence are caused not by drinking but by the consumption of narcotics. It became a reality for John Doe on July 30, 2016 when he was rear ended by an impaired driver.  For unknown reasons, the impaired driver was not arrested at the scene but was let go by the police only to have a second accident at the same intersection two hours later. Even more impaired, the driver was thankfully arrested for DUI.

Unfortunately, Mr. Doe sustained severe injuries as a result of him being rear ended.  Mr. Doe hired our firm to represent him for the injuries and damages he sustained and will continue to have in the years to come.  After undergoing extensive surgery, Mr. Doe is recovering but will never be what he was like before this crash.  We were able to resolve his claims against the impaired driver and his insurance carrier for a confidential amount that will assist him in his continued recovery and to get him back on his feet.  Our firm was honored to assist Mr. Doe in his time of need.  If you, a family member or friend need W|L to assist in a personal injury claim, please contact us at (941) 365-2296 or visit our website at www.SarasotaLitigator.com.