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Due to confidential settlement agreements and privacy acts, the names of some of the parties to the following cases have been withheld.
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On September 1, 2017, after $200,000 in legal costs and years of protracted and contentious litigation, a Sarasota jury returned a verdict of $19.2 million in Mr. Martin's favor. This is the largest reported personal injury verdict in the history of Sarasota or Manatee counties.

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Once again, the dangers of driving under the influence can have significant effects on innocent drivers.  More and more these days we see the dangers of driving under the influence are caused not by drinking but by the consumption of narcotics. It became a reality for John Doe on July 30, 2016 when he was rear ended by an impaired driver.  For unknown reasons, the impaired driver was not arrested at the scene but was let go by the police only to have a second accident at the same intersection two hours later. Even more impaired, the driver was thankfully arrested for DUI. Unfortunately, Mr. Doe sustained severe injuries as a result of him being rear ended.  Mr. Doe hired our firm to represent him for the injuries and damages he sustained and will continue to have in the years to come.  After undergoing extensive surgery, Mr. Doe is recovering but will never be what he was like before this crash.  We were able to resolve his claims against [...]

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$4,200,000 Settlement

A 21 year old was sitting on the curb at a bus stop at a busy intersection in Venice when the Defendant driver attempted an evasive maneuver to avoid traffic that was stopped at a red light. The Defendant was driving a large commercial tree trimming truck with a wood chipper attached via trailer. Due to his failure to use due care and begin braking at a safe distance, he had to swerve across several lanes of traffic eventually ending up in the right hand turn lane, driving up onto the curb and over our client. Our client was left with crush injuries to the lower half of his body and had to undergo over 14 surgical procedures in a two month time period. Additionally, he had severe injuries to his bladder which needed multiple surgeries and lead to long term usage of a catheter, bladder and UTI infections and ongoing urinary issues. He spent a little over a month in the hospital and then another month in an [...]

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$1,760,000 Total Recovery (Policy limits: $100,000)

A 42 year old emergency room nurse on her way home from the gym when the Defendant driver ran a red light and slammed into the passenger side of her vehicle. The injuries that resulted from this collision were life altering for our client, leaving her in need of constant care & supervision. Our office secured a settlement with the UM Insurance carrier months after the accident occurred. However, the insurance carrier for the Defendant driver & trucking company was not willing to settle for our offer of the policy limits. After several years of litigation, a settlement of $1,650,000 was reached just prior to going to trial. Injuries: Closed head injury resulting in an intracranial hemorrhage and 5 week coma, pulmonary contusion, severe burn to right hand requiring surgery, spinal fractures, extensive care needed for remainder of life. Damages: Pain & suffering, Past & future medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity. GUARDIANSHIP OF KATHY DEARMIN V. DEFENDANT TRUCKING COMPANY

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