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About Our Injury Law Firm

All achievements at Wittmer & Linehan come about through a concerted team effort. When we help you with your injury claim or lawsuit, you can count on us all to join forces vigorously on your behalf. Our determined collaboration will bring together office staff, paralegals and one or both of our attorneys, Steve Wittmer and Greg Linehan, working to deliver the results you need.

With more than 50 years of combined experience practicing law and 15 years’ experience working together, Mr. Wittmer and Mr. Linehan are prepared to get your case underway without delay. One or both will be your lawyers throughout the entirety of your case. When you become a client of Wittmer & Linehan, you will have contact with your attorney and legal assistant, as we work together to smooth the way for you.

Each new case renews our commitment to:

  • Hold accountable those whose negligence harms others.
  • Bring relief to the injured.
  • Help injured people to be restored to wholeness as fully as possible.
  • Overcome attempted denials and delays by negligent parties and their insurers.
  • Enable injured people to move on toward healing after suffering injuries or loss of loved ones.

Compassionate, Skilled Advocates Ready For You

Whether you were in a car accident, suffered a slip-and-fall accident, suffered burn injuries in an explosion or were seriously hurt through other circumstances, please know we are here for you. From law offices in Sarasota, the firm is committed to helping injured people rebuild their lives through effective legal remedies. Our goal is always to them to obtain their rightful compensation from negligent motorists, property owners and insurers.

Our Longevity Means ‘Dependability’

Over the decades, our firm has established many long-lasting relationships with clients and their families, who in turn, refer others to us in times of need. Our multiple practice areas allow us to deliver personalized, integrated legal services that often involve complementary or overlapping areas of law.

For example, we may bring a wrongful death claim while simultaneously helping a family through probate. We may help an injured worker secure support through a workers’ compensation appeal, a third-party liability personal injury case and Social Security Disability benefits.

We take each person’s ‘big picture’ and work their case hard from the ground up to optimize results.

Let’s Talk About Your Path To Recovery

What brought you here today? Our devoted team is eager to hear about your issues, evaluate your situation and recommend a promising strategy for recovery. To schedule a consultation, call 941-263-8314 or email us through this website.