Avoiding common hotel accidents

Jan 24, 2020 | Firm News

Avoiding Common Hotel Accidents

Each year, Sarasota hotels are flooded with travelers seeking a reprieve in our tropical paradise from cold weather conditions. Avoiding common hotel accidents can ensure that these travelers enjoy the warmer weather and their well-deserved vacations. Whether staying in an expensive suite or lodging in an economic limited-service hotel, guests should not be concerned about injuries arising from slippery surfaces or a general lack of maintenance. Every hotel owner has a duty to keep their properties safe for guests. Unfortunately, however, many hotel managers are negligent in maintaining the safety of their facility leading to injuries. Many hotel accidents fall under the category of premise liability, and injured guests may be able to recover compensation against the hotel.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents

The most common hotel accident resulting in injury involves slip-and-falls. Hotel guests should reasonably expect that walkways in the facility will be free from trip and slip hazards. All too often, however, a hotel will fail to promptly clean up a spill, mark a recently mopped floor, repair floors or sidewalks, or even label hard-to-see steps. Guests who exercised reasonable care and are nevertheless injured because of the hotel’s negligence should document the accident and consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can help determine whether the hotel manager knew about the dangerous condition, or the condition existed long enough that they should have known and failed to act.

Bed Bugs

In recent years, bed bug infestations have surged in the United States. This especially true in places where people stay in close proximity to each other, such as hotels. Bed bugs spread quickly and are hard to kill. Accordingly, hotels should make every effort to prevent bed bugs from entering their facility. Once a hotel receives a complaint about bed bugs, they should address the issue immediately and not simply cover the problem up. Bed bugs can result in itchy bites, and if severe enough, can even cause anemia in some individuals.

Negligent Security

Under certain circumstances, guests who are the victim of a crime that occurs on hotel property may have a claim if the hotel failed to prevent the crime that caused the liability. If the hotel owner could reasonably have foreseen that a crime risk existed and failed to take the necessary security steps, guests may have a claim against the hotel. For instance, claims could arise in situations where a hotel hires an employee who assaults a guest without performing a background check or fails to monitor security cameras in their parking garage.

Elevator And Escalator Accidents

Many hotels have elevators and escalators to make it easier for guests to get from one level to the next. Hotel owners are responsible for ensuring that any elevator or escalator are properly maintained and that any safety issues are promptly addressed. In the event that hotel owners fail to do this, accidents can occur.

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