Do Downtown Festivals Uplift the Downtown Environment?

Jan 24, 2020 | Firm News

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Without a doubt, the toughest part of being an attorney is meeting people in our community everyday that are in dire need of help. More often than not, their situations could have been alleviated or avoided with awareness, knowledge, or foresight on someone’s part. What keeps us coming to work everyday is the reward that, occasionally, we can make a big difference in someone’s life.

That sense of community very often pushes us outside of our practice to get involved at local events both large and small. It is here that we can share our knowledge and experience in a way that helps people avoid the situations many of our clients face. And it is through that community involvement at local events that we have come to see the vital role large public events in shared open spaces have in keeping our community happy, healthy, and safe. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Downtown Sarasota.

Knowing Your Neighbors

As most festivals highlight a special interest or celebrate a group within our community, getting to know people you wouldn’t otherwise meet or interact with is one of the greatest benefits our local festivals offer. Events like the Thunder By The Bay motorcycle festival provide an amazing opportunity for the general public to not only be introduced to, but to also interact with motorcyclists from all over Florida and beyond. The increase of awareness and respect for motorcyclists on our local roads as a direct result of Thunder By The Bay makes our streets safer.

For many festival goers, the opportunity to experience something new is the biggest draw, and this is why it is particularly critical that these festivals take place in locations that are easily accessible for the general public. While Thunder By The Bay may seem like little more than a fun diversion for a non-motorcycle rider, the education and awareness imparted to that individual really can save a life when he or she encounters a motorcyclist while driving a car on our city streets.

Education and Awareness

Understanding the fears and concerns of others is the first step in understanding what we as individuals, and as a community, need to do in order to ensure the safety and happiness of our neighbors. Most festivals benefit a cause or group, offering an educational component to promote awareness and understanding. Whether it be a speaker or table with resources, we encourage you to listen and learn. Not only will the festival have more meaning, but you may find the experience much more enjoyable because of it.

A Sense of Unity

Most everyone feels a stronger sense of community when attending a local festival, but it can extend well beyond city limits or county lines. Understanding that we share our community with people who have different needs and desires can go a long way in promoting that sense of unity in other areas of our lives. Unity is the very core of community.

Please attend and support our local events and festivals. While the gratification of a fun day out while doing something new or unique in our community is a given, the much greater reward comes in having a greater awareness and understanding of those around us. When people talk about the impact of a downtown festival, this is often overlooked, but as attorneys who represent motorcyclists, we can certainly attest to the effects Thunder By The Bay has had on local motorcycle safety. It really does make a difference beyond just having fun.

While Thunder By The Bay has already proven it will also serve this great purpose in its new home in Lakewood Ranch, it is heartening to see Downtown Sarasota alive with festivals offering both entertainment and awareness. We encourage you to make the most of our community.