Motorcycle Accidents: All PI Lawyers Are Not Created Equal

Jan 24, 2020 | Firm News

If a total stranger crashes a car into the side of your house, you wouldn’t hire a divorce lawyer to take that person to court, would you? Whenever you require legal counsel and representation after an accident, you should seek an attorney who specializes in accident cases. A motorcycle accident poses a specific set of problems, questions and circumstances that a personal injury attorney can help you navigate.

However, not all personal injury lawyers are created equal when it comes to motorcycle accident cases. If you’ve suffered an accident on a motorcycle, you should seek out an attorney who specializes in the field of motorcycle law.

A good motorcycle lawyer not only grasps the full complexity of the laws governing motor vehicles and their operators, but they also understand how these laws behave differently when applied to motorcyclists. They comprehend that it’s more physically and mentally challenging to ride a motorcycle than to drive a car, and that the risks of serious personal injury in a crash are far greater. Therefore, the medical damages are often more costly. The best motorcycle accident attorneys bring a strong background in personal injury law to successfully pursue full compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent injuries.

These kinds of lawyers also know bikes. They learn the facts about different types of motorcycles, along with the actual mechanics and physics of riding. With an attorney who specializes in motorcycles, you won’t have to explain to him or her why your Sportster behaved the way it did when you slammed on the brakes and swerved to avoid a car that cut into your path.

There’s more to representing a motorcycle accident victim than encyclopedic knowledge. It’s also about understanding and respecting motorcycle culture. At Wittmer | Linehan, we are aware of potential biases against motorcyclists. We believe your attorney should be an advocate for your lifestyle choices, and never allow unfair blame to fall on your shoulders in an accident case. We aim to break down outdated misconceptions that motorcycle riders are inherent risk-takers, aggressive drivers or antisocial people. We understand that mandatory training, riding experience and awareness of risk makes bikers some of the most responsible and safety-minded motor vehicle operators out on the road today.

Wittmer | Linehan is proud to support our local community of motorcyclists by sponsoring motorcycle events and charitable rides in and around Sarasota. We have every confidence that you’ll find in us a strong, competent and reliable partner in any legal case involving you and your motorcycle.