Staged Accidents 

Jan 24, 2020 | Firm News

Staged accidents are an unfortunate occurrence on Florida roadways. Staged accidents are not truly “accidents.” Staged accidents are caused by drivers who are not concerned about safety, but who are only interested in the money they can get out of another driver’s insurance company. Staged accidents are fraudulent, and the drivers who stage these accidents may not only be criminally liable but can be responsible for any resulting injury and damages. Several types of staged accidents are used to set up unsuspecting victims. Below are the most common tactics used by drivers to stage accidents.The most common tactic for staged accidents involves a maneuver called “the swoop and squat.” This typically occurs in smooth-flowing traffic. Here, a car pulls beside a driver so they cannot change lanes, and then another car in front of the driver, and then brakes unexpectedly, causing the driver to rear-end the dangerously maneuvering car.Another type of staged accident is “the right turn.” Here, a driver will be at a stop sign making a right turn. After the driver checks both ways and begins to turn, another driver that appeared to be parked at the curb will accelerate forward and hit the rear corner of the turning driver’s car. The driver who unexpectedly accelerates will then tell law enforcement that the turning driver ran the stop sign or pulled out in front of them.

Additionally, staged accidents can occur because of a tactic where a driver waves at another driver, signaling for that driver to change lanes in front of them. As that driver changes lanes, the signaling driver then speeds up and causes a collision with the driver changing lanes. When law enforcement arrives, the signaling driver will deny that they gave permission for the driver to change lanes.

Yet another kind of staged accident involves vehicles in parking lots. While a driver is in the process of getting into their car in a busy parking lot, another car will pull up and put their blinker on to signal that they will be taking the spot. As the driver who is leaving pulls backward, the car awaiting the spot will accelerate into the back of the departing car. The driver staging this accident will inform law enforcement that the driver pulled out without looking and deny waiting for the spot.

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