How dangerous is an encounter with a drunk driver?

Apr 29, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The last thing any driver wants to see is another vehicle swerving or driving carelessly. Although most drivers aim to avoid the reckless vehicle, that isn’t always possible. A safe driver cannot predict the actions an impaired driver might take.

To properly operate a vehicle, a driver needs to be thinking clearly, have a reasonable reaction time and have proper hand-eye coordination. Alcohol or drug use can diminish all of the functions drivers rely on to safely operate a vehicle.

Impaired drivers threaten your safety

Drunk drivers are dangerous because of the way alcohol affects their brain. Their vision can be impaired; their coordination is off; they have a slower reaction time. Impaired drivers no longer have clear reasoning; their mind won’t function properly.

  • On average, 30 people are killed every single day in the U.S. in drunk-driver related accidents.
  • One-third of all fatal car accidents involve impaired drivers.
  • The most recent data shows that 10,511 lives were lost in 2018 because of alcohol-impaired driving.

What’s even more frightening is the impact drunk drivers have on motorcyclists. Of those killed in 2018, 4,675 were motorcyclists. In Florida, most fatal motorcycle accidents happen on Saturdays and Sundays.

What rights do accident victims have?

If an impaired driver severely injured you or a loved one, you might feel upset and unsure about what options are available to you. You might feel as though life as you know it has suddenly changed.

It can be helpful for those affected by the negligent actions of another to seek support. Family members, counselors, friends, medical professionals and a legal expert can all help you and your loved ones get through this mentally exhausting and financially straining time.