3 common kinds of commercial truck crashes

Aug 28, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Different driving circumstances lead to different kinds of crashes. This is as true for commercial vehicles as it is for smaller passenger vehicles.

When collisions occur, there are three specific kinds of truck crashes that are relatively unique to large commercial trucks. Understanding these crashes and what causes them can help keep you safer and help you avoid these accidents on the road.

Jackknife accidents are a common issue

A jackknife accident occurs when the cab or front section of a commercial truck ends up traveling in a different direction than the trailer attached to the back of it. Slick road services, sudden maneuvers and inclement weather could all contribute to jackknifing accidents. It is often impossible to predict when a jackknife may occur but giving plenty of space to commercial trucks will give you an opportunity to stop if one jackknifes near you.

Rollover crashes can involve other vehicles

The cargo that large trucks carry can shift when they drive, potentially leading to an unbalanced load. If warehouse employees improperly load a truck or if its cargo moves during travel, the truck could eventually roll completely over because of the shifted contents and change in the center of gravity. In some cases, when a rollover occurs, there is another vehicle nearby that gets badly damaged as a result.

Underride collisions often result in tragedy

When a vehicle cuts in front of a big truck, rear-ends it or drives under the side of its trailer, that is an underride collision. These crashes end with smaller passenger vehicles literally under the commercial truck, and they often involve the total destruction of the smaller vehicle.