4 mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Florida

Aug 7, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are a lot to handle. They often come with physical pain, car wreckage and create an overall inconvenience.

When you crash with another vehicle, you might want to move on with your day and forget it happened. But before leaving the scene, it’s essential to speak with other party and gather as much evidence surrounding the incident as possible. If you don’t, then the claims process may be difficult or not work in your favor.

Here are four mistakes you should avoid making if you ever find yourself in an accident:

  1. Admitting fault

You should check in with other party. It’s reasonable to ask if they are okay, whether you know who caused the accident or not. But, you shouldn’t, by any means, admit that the accident is your fault. Florida runs on a no-fault compensation system, meaning both parties may be able to seek damages. But if you take some of the blame, you may receive a lower percentage of damages.

  1. Not calling for help

You might not believe you are facing any grave injuries due to the adrenaline you are experiencing from the accident. Or the other person involved might be trying to convince you that they can offer cash to cover up their mistake. However, in any type of road collision you should call for emergency help. This will help provide a written record of the event for insurance companies to reference during the claims process. State law also requires motorists to call the police in accidents that cause injury, death or at least $500 of property damage.

  1. Leaving the scene too soon

Even if you obtain a police report, it’s often helpful to take your own notes after an accident. So, if you plan you plan to file an insurance claim you have your own notes and photos to reference. This can help you keep your story consistent when you speak to an insurance adjuster or if you plan to take legal action. Before leaving the scene, you should try to gather contact and insurance information from the other driver, notes on the location of the incident and photos of the damage to your car.

  1. Skipping a doctor visit

Accident victims might feel shaken up after a crash and want to just lie down. However, getting a medical evaluation as soon as possible is best practice. Even if you don’t feel like you can take care of your minor cuts and scrapes at home or you aren’t in severe pain, motor vehicle accidents can cause a whole host of internal injuries that impact your organs.

Essentially, not having a paper trail can make it challenging to seek damages and not receiving medical aid may cause untreated injuries to progress. But a personal injury attorney can guide you through the legal process, even if you made a couple mistakes along the way.