Safety tips for pedestrians

Aug 17, 2020 | Car Accidents

Fish swim, birds fly and humans walk. Yet, as a pedestrian, you may get strange looks from those locked into the steel shell of their car. Many assume the only reason someone would walk is if they are too poor to own a car. So, if you walk around your local streets, you need to take extra care to stay safe as many drivers do not expect to see you.

These are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of being hit by a car:

  • Stay on the sidewalk: Walking on the sidewalk rather than the road puts distance between you and the cars. If there is no sidewalk, walk facing the oncoming vehicles.
  • Use the crossings: They are there for your safety. If you need to cross where there is no designated crossing, find somewhere where you can see vehicles and they can see you.
  • Make eye contact: Many drivers are distracted. Engaging eye contact before crossing ensures they feel guilty if they hit you, so they are more likely to slow to let you pass.
  • Walk don’t run: Sprinting through a gap in the traffic may be quicker, but you are more likely to fall and be crushed by a car.
  • Concentrate: When crossing, you need to put down your phone and pull out your headphones to focus on the traffic. If you have been drinking, make sure you are in a fit state to walk.
  • Consider your clothing: If you walk along an unlit street with no sidewalk, ensure you are visible. Even in the daytime, brighter colors increase your visibility.

It is vital to look out for your safety as a pedestrian because many drivers are not aware you are there. If a negligent or distracted driver hits you, the consequences will be severe, and you will need legal help to claim compensation.