How long does it take a car to stop?

Oct 12, 2020 | Car Accidents

When you’re driving, one thing that you always want to keep in mind is how long it’s going to take you to stop. Now, you may have no plans to stop any time soon, but always remember that everything on the road isn’t in your control. 

Say you’re driving behind another car. Suddenly, a child runs into the street in front of that car. They hit their brakes to avoid striking the child, and you hit your brakes as well. If you didn’t have a large enough following distance, you will slam right into the back of that car. The same is true for anyone following too close behind you

In other words, always drive with the idea in mind that you could have to stop in an emergency at any time. Keep your car in a position on the road where that’s possible. Never tailgate, respect the following distances and put safety over speed. 

So, how long does it take a car to stop when you need it to do so? When conditions are good, it takes about 15 feet per second. If you’re driving at 60 miles per hour, that’s 88 feet per second. This means that it would take slightly more than 300 feet to stop, factoring in the delay before you hit your brakes. You’d stop in just under seven seconds. 

If takes longer than you expected to stop or you travel longer than you expected, you can see the danger. But just knowing this risk doesn’t eliminate it. You could drive safely and still get hit by someone who is too close behind your car. If you get injured in a car wreck, then you need to seek fair compensation for your losses. Talk to an attorney to learn more.