Florida’s no-fault insurance doesn’t protect motorcycle drivers

Jun 29, 2021 | Car Accidents

No-fault motor vehicle insurance in Florida has been on the news a lot in recent days. State lawmakers passed a bill intended to replace no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) coverage with liability-based insurance for costs related to injuries.

Whether or not this change will take effect on January 1, 2022, depends on whether the governor signs the bill into law or no. In the meantime, the existing insurance system will continue to protect drivers and others hurt by motor vehicle collisions in Florida.

For at least the next six months, every driver in the state will have no-fault PIP coverage on their automotive policy. Does that no-fault coverage help you as a motorcycle driver after a crash with someone in a bigger vehicle?

Florida’s no-fault medical coverage does not apply to motorcycles

You have to insure your motorcycle just like your enclosed motor vehicle, but the coverage you carry will be different. The state does not require no-fault personal injury protection on motorcycle policies, and you will likely not be able to buy any no-fault coverage that applies to rides on your motorcycle. Instead, you will have to buy liability insurance in case of a crash.

Your policy will only protect you

The problem with liability-based insurance coverage is that it makes people dependent on someone else’s policy. After a driver in an SUV, car or truck slams into you because they didn’t notice you, you have to make a claim against their insurance policy.

Unfortunately, the driver may have very little insurance and no liability-based medical coverage in some cases. Unless you carry uninsured or underinsured driver protection on your motorcycle policy, you may struggle to get the medical coverage you need.

The policy on your motorcycle protects you from liability and expenses if you hurt someone else or damage their property because you are at fault for a crash, but it does nothing when you aren’t responsible for the wreck.

If you don’t have coverage that will protect you from medical losses after a motorcycle crash, you may even be able to file a civil lawsuit against the driver who hit you. Knowing how insurance protects you after a motorcycle crash in Florida can help you get the compensation you need after a crash.