Bozeman family to benefit from DeSoto County’s largest personal injury judgment.

On August 17, 2009, two weeks before the start of trial, a subsidiary of insurance giant AIG (American South Insurance Company) and the Personal Representative of the Estate of Matthew McCreary agreed to the entry of a $9.0 million dollar judgment in favor of our client, Ken Bozeman. This is the largest personal injury judgment documented in DeSoto County, Florida. On October 23, 2006, Mr. Bozeman was a passenger in a car traveling to work down County Road 760-A in Arcadia. Matthew McCreary approached from the opposite direction and left his lane of travel, running head-on into the vehicle in which Bozeman was a passenger. The wreck claimed the life of Mr. McCreary and three others. Mr. Bozeman survived, but was left with very extensive brain injuries. Mr. Bozeman suffers and will continue to suffer for the remainder of his lifetime from the long-term effects of a diffuse axonal traumatic brain injury. Ken requires 24-hour home health care and cannot care for himself in any manner at all. He needs full-time assistance to dress, eat, and move from his bed to his wheelchair. His functioning brain activity is like that of a six-year-old child.

American South retained an attorney to defend McCreary. Liability for causing the accident and responsibility for the damages and injuries caused by their insured were all denied. An extensive analysis of the accident and damages sustained by Ken was prepared by our Firm in anticipation of trial. Finally, at the last hour before trial was to begin, American South and their client finally admitted that their client was completely responsible for the accident and all damages caused to the Bozeman family. We are proud that the Bozeman family chose our Firm to represent them in this matter. We continue to pursue American South for payment of the judgment.