The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation Reemployment Services Program provides services to assist injured workers obtain employment when their job related injuries or illnesses prevent them from returning to their usual line of work. Reemployment services include vocational counseling, job-seeking skills training, resume writing, transferable skills analysis, job search assistance, vocational evaluations, training, and education. These services are contracted through professional rehabilitation providers.

While injured employees are responsible for transportation expenses, all other services are provided at no cost to eligible injured employees. The Reemployment Services program staff may refer individuals to community based organizations if immediate assistance with daily living expenses is needed.

Although there are multiple factors that affect eligibility, you must, at a minimum: (1) Be covered under Florida Workers’ Compensation Law; (2) Have a date of accident or illness after 10/01/1989; (3) Be legally eligible to work in the United States; and (4) Submit a “Request for Screening” application to the division within one year of your last receipt of carrier paid monetary benefits, medical treatment or settlement.

The “Request for Screening” application is a web-based application. To complete the application, you will need: (1) Your social security number or the Jurisdiction Control Number (JCN) assigned by the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation; (2) Date of work accident or illness; (3) Work history for the last fifteen (15) years; (4) Medical information affecting your ability to work, including both workers’ compensation and non-workers’ compensation medical information; and (5) Educational background, including information about colleges and vocational schools attended. After the application is completed and submitted, it will be assigned to a case manager.

The case manager will call you to complete a phone interview. After their assignment, the case manager will also confirm that this is a Florida Workers’ Compensation injury or illness and review all available case related documents. The case manager is also responsible for reviewing medical information to determine permanent functional limitations related to the injury. Additionally, the case manager will check to see whether employment is available with the employer where the injury or illness occurred. The factors considered in making a determination about services eligibility include age, education, work history, transferable skills, previous occupation, injury, and the average weekly wage at the time of the injury.

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