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Top Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Regardless of how careful you are behind the wheel of your car, accidents are highly unpredictable and can happen at any time. As traffic increases in the Sarasota area, so does the risk of becoming involved in an auto accident. It can be time consuming and complicated for accident victims to deal with the consequences of someone else’s wrongdoing. The assistance of a skilled attorney is important during this difficult time, helping to make the entire legal procedure easier. Hiring an attorney can assist with the following:

Receiving Compensation

If an auto accident results in you or a passenger suffering serious injury, strong legal representation can ensure that you are justly compensated for present and future costs associated with the treatment of those injuries. Certain types of injuries don’t manifest immediately after an accident occurs, but may have lifelong consequences. The insurance process and payout may occur before these injuries surface, causing a loss of compensation. Further, there are time limitations for filing auto accident lawsuits. Consulting with a skilled attorney in the early stages after an auto accident will help ensure that your legal claims are duly and adequately handled.

Negotiations with Insurance Companies

Negotiating with insurance companies can be extremely time consuming and complicated. Insurance companies receive claims every day and negotiate them regularly. Insurance companies are trained to say and do things to cause plaintiffs to accept less compensation than what they are legally entitled to. A strong, experienced attorney can prevent insurance companies from using their intimidation tactics and receive the payout that is deserved.

Understanding the Damages

Victims of automobile accidents are usually not well-versed in the law, and may not understand all the potential damages that they are entitled to. There are, in fact, several potential damages available to victims. Apart from medical bills, victims may be entitled to claim damages for lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Family members may also receive damages for loss in cases where victims become disabled. A competent attorney can assist victims of automobile accidents and their families in determining what damages are available.

Proving Liability

There are several factors that contribute to winning a personal injury lawsuit. Even where police reports and witness statements lay the fault on a defendant, proving that the defendant was careless enough to breach a duty of care can be difficult. An experienced lawyer specializing in personal injury claims can assist by providing references to cases and citations that support the victim’s cause.

Understanding Settlement Options

Most cases settle out of court, which means that the defendant or insurance company makes a compensatory offer. An attorney proficient in this area of the law can assist with understanding the ramifications of accepting an offer. Once an offer is accepted, victims will not be in a position to sue again.  An attorney can help to determine whether settling is the best option and can work towards negotiating a better deal.

Fighting the Case in Court

Sometimes settlement negotiations do not work out, and the case will proceed to court. This can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Attempting to proceed without the assistance of an attorney may result in automobile accident victims letting go of their claims. A knowledgeable attorney can prevent intimidation by insurance companies.

In conclusion, seasoned attorneys trained in personal injury will have their client’s best interest in mind. Hiring an attorney will make the difficult time after an automobile accident easier and will make a stronger case in their client’s favor. If you find yourself a victim of an automobile accident, the skilled team of professionals at Wittmer & Linehan PLLC will strive to provide you with the personalized attention you deserve in deciding to file a personal injury lawsuit.