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$1,013,791.85 Settlement (Policy Limits: $500,000 total for both bodily injury & property damage)

Our client, John Doe, was riding his motorcycle on Placida Road in Charlotte County, when a vehicle turned in front of him causing the crash.  Mr. Doe sustained serious injuries and was taken to a trauma facility for the treatment of his injuries.  He underwent multiple emergency surgical procedures to repair fractures in both of his legs and his pelvis, in addition to several non-emergent surgical procedures in the subsequent months.  Mr. Doe had a lengthy healing period and endured months of therapy to be able to walk on his own again.  Our office went to work on Mr. Doe’s case right away, contacting the insurance company and providing them with multiple chances to settle the case for the policy limits of $500,000.  The Defendant’s insurance company did not make any counter offer or attempt to settle the case until after our office filed suit against them.  After a litigation period and two mediations, the insurance company finally agreed to settle for $1,000,000 plus the property damage of $13,791.85, which was $513,791.85 over the policy limits.  Had the insurance company responded to our offer in a timely manner, they would have saved themselves the expenses associated with litigation and the additional amount over the policy limits that they ended up having to pay.