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$175,000 Recovery For Injured Passenger

$175,000 Recovery (Policy Limits: $10,000): Our client was a passenger in a vehicle when out of nowhere a truck slammed into her car door. The defendant then left the scene of the crash only to be found a short time later by the police department. The crash left our client with severe injuries to her arm which required several surgeries and an extended time off of work. Our office sent an offer to settle for the policy limits to the defendant’s insurer but they did not comply with the terms of our offer. The defendant and his insurer argued that the crash report and eye witness were incorrect in the facts of the crash and that someone else was driving the defendant’s vehicle at the time. The defendant or his insurer could not produce the phantom driver for questioning and in the end, they agreed to settle the claims for $175,000. Injuries: communicated fracture of the distal humerus involving the left elbow joint with displacement of the fracture fragments; loss of range of motion, ulnar nerve damage; Damages: past and future medical expenses, past and future loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, extra-contractual damages for insurance bad faith. JANE DOE v. JOHN DOE.