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$3 Million Bad Faith Settlement For Van Passenger

In 2006, our 26-year-old client was a passenger in a van on his way to a job site to paint when for reasons that remain unknown a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction veered into their path. The injuries that resulted from this head on collision were devastating to our client as well as the six other passengers of the van. Our client suffered a severe brain injury leaving him wheelchair bound and with the mentality of a child. He will need constant care and supervision for the remainder of his life. Our office sent an offer to the Defendant driver’s insurance carrier for the per person policy limits of $100,000. However, the insurance carrier did not accept our offer and our office filed suit. In July of 2009, our office accepted a stipulated judgment in the amount of $9,000,000. In 2011, our office secured a BAD FAITH settlement from the insurance company in the amount of $3,000,000 for the guardianship of our severely injured client. This settlement will allow him to continue to receive the care that he will need for the remainder of his life. GUARDIANSHIP OF KENNETH BOZEMAN V. KAREN BONAGUA AS PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ESTATE OF MATTHEW McQUEARY