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$825,000 Settlement (Policy Limits: $500,000 Bodily Injury + $5,000,000 Umbrella)

Jack Reynolds was riding his scooter down Central Sarasota Parkway when Meryl Cohen pulled out in front of him, striking the front of his scooter and causing him to flip over the hood of her Cadillac.  He was rushed to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where he underwent multiple procedures to repair his injuries, including surgery to fix his fractured pelvis and to repair damage to several arteries.  After several days in the hospital, Mr. Reynolds was sent to a rehabilitation facility where he spent the next six weeks recovering and doing therapy.  Our office worked with another local attorney in the area to secure the best possible settlement for Mr. Reynolds.  An offer was sent to the bodily injury carrier, The Hartford, for their policy limits which they quickly tendered to our office.  An additional offer was sent to the umbrella carrier, Allstate, for reasonable portion of their policy amount.  Our offer was based partially on the fact that after many months of follow up care, it was discovered that Mr. Reynolds would need to have an additional surgery to remove and replace some of the screws which were holding his pelvis together as the original screws had failed.  In addition to the risks and the costs associated with another surgery, Mr. Reynolds would again have to be in a rehabilitation facility and have another extended recovery period.  After several months of negotiating with the insurance company, our office reached an agreement to settle the umbrella claim for $325,000, bringing the total settlement amount to $825,000.