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Protecting Your Rights For Compensation After An Uber Or Lyft Accident

Every car accident presents unique aspects that deserve attention when pursuing an injury claim or lawsuit. An accident involving a vehicle in service as a ride-share vehicle may have special complications to overcome. Our Sarasota law firm, Wittmer & Linehan PLLC, has made it a point to stay on the cutting edge in representation of people involved in ride-share accidents. We invite you to contact us right away if:

  • You were injured while riding as a paid passenger in a vehicle employed for a ride-share service.
  • You were injured while riding along as a passenger but not as a paid passenger in an Uber or Lyft accident.
  • You were injured while driving for Uber or Lyft.
  • You were injured when your car or truck was involved in a crash with a vehicle that was in service for Uber or Lyft.

Our lawyers are ready to give the same dedicated service to you that we do to all our motor vehicle accident clients. Through communication with you and your doctors, we will stay up to date on the status of your physical recovery. We will investigate the causes and circumstances of the crash to determine how it happened and who was at fault. We will also work to uncover all pertinent information about liability and insurance that may apply for your ride-share accident. You may believe you were covered by insurance while riding in a ride-share vehicle when the facts are murkier than you realized.

We’re Here To Fight For Your Recovery

It may seem like an uphill battle to get cooperation from insurance companies that may be responsible to compensate you after a ride-share accident. With 50 years’ combined experience, including 15 years working together in personal injury law, our attorneys are well-prepared to push through red tape and get you the answers and help you deserve. We regularly go up against insurers for our clients’ sake. We go to extra lengths to educate clients in all phases of ride share-related injury claims and lawsuits. If we represent you, we want you to be ready to make decisions in your case.

Get the conversation started with one of our personal injury lawyers and other members of our legal team. Call 941-263-8314 or send an email inquiry through this website.