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How An Experienced Lawyer Can Help With Your Car Accident Recovery

People often hesitate to contact an attorney after a car accident. This is unfortunate and often causes them to miss out on compensation they could have recovered.

Why Many Accident Survivors Avoid Calling An Attorney

Reasons for which people often avoid contacting a lawyer may include the following:

  • They are naturally overwhelmed by injuries, hospitalization and worries about medical treatments.
  • They assume that insurance will cover costs of a car accident.
  • They may not realize how many obstacles a car insurance company can create even when someone makes a legitimate claim for benefits.
  • They may worry that legal fees will be expensive.
  • They may not realize that personal injury representation is normally done on a contingency basis, and fees will not be due until payout of a verdict or settlement.

These and other factors lead many people to wait longer than they should before contacting an attorney after a car accident – often to their own detriment.

How An Attorney Can Strengthen A Claim

On the other hand, getting a lawyer on board as soon as possible often gives an injured person an advantage:

  • An experienced lawyer knows how to preserve evidence and otherwise conduct an efficient investigation that will likely lead to a successful claim.
  • An attorney with a track record of success can convince an insurer that a case may go to trial if the insurer does not compensate the injured person voluntarily.
  • A personal injury law firm can take over tedious record-keeping and paperwork that often overwhelms families after a car accident.
  • Studies have shown that injured people with legal counsel receive substantially higher settlements from insurers than people who try to handle claims on their own.
  • People making claims on their own often lack critical knowledge, such as how to track down a wrecked car after an accident and use pictures of it to improve chances in settlement negotiations with insurance claims adjusters.

We’re Here For You

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