An Overview Of Pre-Existing Conditions

If an individual has prior medical injuries or conditions and is then injured in a new accident, the injury they had prior to the new accident is referred to as a pre-existing condition. As stated earlier, pre-existing conditions can be considered in any claim. Some examples of pre-existing conditions include herniated discs, injuries to the neck, injuries to the shoulder, injuries to the knees, asthma, arthritis, as well as congenital conditions.

Pre-Existing Conditions And Your Car Accident Case

Often, pre-existing conditions affect how much compensation is received under Florida law. Where pre-existing conditions are proven, a lesser amount may be awarded. However, a pre-existing condition does not completely bar an individual from collecting damages. Often times medical care provided shortly after an accident and any time missed from work are compensable. Sometimes, however, pre-existing conditions have little impact on the defendant’s liability and the defendant can be 100 percent liable for injuries. Under Florida law, “causation” helps determine how pre-existing conditions impact new injuries. An individual cannot be prevented from collecting damages if they are hurt in any way that is independent from their pre-existing injury or if the new accident aggravates their pre-existing condition.

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